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About Us


This non-profit organization's primary mission is to be the premier provider of innovative service dog training and placement in Puerto Rico. Our program supports children and adults with disabilities who can benefit from having the assistance of a service dog but who cannot afford or travel to obtain one. We aim to provide fully trained service dogs to children and adults who are physically, mentally and/or emotionally challenged to improve and sustain a better quality of life - at minimum or no cost to the individual.

Other important missions we're committed to are : (1) to train and certify therapy dogs to visit children and adults in hospitals, senior centers, special children's homes, schools, rehab centers, orphanages, and the like; and (2) to provide basic obedience training to abandoned and rescued dogs, thereby making them more adoptable and able to find loving adoptive homes.


To improve the quality of life, safety and independence of children and adults who are physically, emotionally and/or mentally challenged through the assistance of a service dog professionally trained to meet their specific special needs.

To establish the D.A.S.H.A. Training Center so as to be able to simultaneously train multiple service dogs to meet the overwhelming demand for these specially unique companions and improve the quality of life of many who so desperately need their assistance.

To bring the love and joy only dogs can share to those facing medical conditions, fear, loneliness, or abandonment in health care and other living environments.